LANA DEL RAY Makes It Clear That She’s Not Into National Patriotism


Lana del Ray is making it clear that she’s not a celebrity who is going to be waving the red white and blue anytime soon during one of her next concerts. In a new interview with Electronic Beats, the indie princess – who has been having a hard time finding love on American radio stations – says that she doesn’t feel like an American patriot. Here is a snippet of what she says:

“Well, no one was really asking me for interviews, so there wasn’t really a reason to stay. Musically, I wouldn’t really work there because I wouldn’t know where to sing. I had a million shows lined up here, so that’s kind of why I went. And I didn’t really have any shows there. I mean, I could play on Sunset Strip and stuff. I could go back to New York . . . I think that my love for America has now become contained to the more specific things I appreciate about it. Like driving up the coast from Santa Monica to Santa Barbara–simple stuff like that. In terms of what I maybe thought it stood for, I don’t know. But other than that, I don’t feel like, ‘Rah, rah, America!’ F— that sh-t [laughing].”

Whoaaa…. what do you think of Lana’s comments here? Someone sounds a little bitter if you ask me…


Photos via FameFlynet