RYAN REYNOLDS: Is He Ready To Start A Family With Blake Lively?


It looks like someone is itching to start a family here! According to rumors, Ryan Reynolds is desperate to start a family with his wife, actress Blake Lively. Unfortunately for Ryan though, Blake isn’t feeling his baby fever just yet. Here’s what we’re reading:

Ryan Reynolds, 36, is anxious to grace the world with ridiculously good-looking babies. He’s desperate to have a child of his own with wife Blake Lively! But Blake, 25, isn’t as keen on it because she wants to focus on her career.

“Ryan is getting quite impatient about it,” spills a friend close to the couple. “Blake promised Ryan he’ll be a daddy by the time he’s 40. You can’t blame her for wanting to wait, because she’s so young, but he’s hell-bent on changing her mind. He’s wanted to start a family for years. It was one of the main reasons he split from Scarlett Johansson – because she wasn’t interested.”

While I don’t blame Blake for wanting to wait (she is young after all), doesn’t this make Ryan even more sexier? I mean, a hot dude who wants to settle down and have babies at home? Um, yes please!


Photos via FameFlynet