BRAD PITT ‘World War Z’ Star Chats Up Fans In Madrid

Brad Pitt Greets Fans In Spain

I’m sure Brad Pitt is a happy man right now. ‘World War Z‘ did extremely well at the box office last weekend, earning $66 million, which is the biggest live action movie opening since ‘Avatar.’ ‘World War Z’ did come in second to Pixar’s ‘Monster University,’ but that makes sense: anyone could go see ‘Monster University,’ whereas ‘World War Z’ had a more limited audience. Zombies are a bit much for little ones!

Brad continues to promote ‘World War Z’ abroad. Here he is charming some fans in Madrid. Did you get a chance to see ‘World War Z’ this weekend? I’m a bit behind on movies: I didn’t make it out to the theater at all. I fully intend to make up for that over the holiday weekend! If you saw ‘World War Z,’ would you recommend it?