CHRIS BROWN In Trouble Again?

2013 Billboard Music Awards

Looks like Chris Brown might be in trouble again.  The singer is being accused of assault by a young woman who was at the same club as him on the weekend. According to TMZ Deanna Gines claims that she was in the same VIP section of Heat Ultra Nightclub in Anaheim on the weekend when Brown shoved her to the ground and she fell hard on her knees.

Deanna claims she’s filed a police report and that she’s gone to the hospital where she was told she might require surgery to repair torn ligaments in her knee. Yikes!  For his part, TMZ stated that Chris tweeted “I didn’t do anything.” but that tweet has since been removed.  I have to think that if this allegedly happened in a busy club there has to be some witnesses, right?  This should be interesting to see how this turns out.