JOHNNY DEPP Rocking His Pinstripes

Celebrities At The 'Late Show With David Letterman'

Johnny Depp likes his pinstripes! He wore a blue pinstriped suit for ‘The Lone Ranger‘ premiere. Here he is in brown pinstripes for his interview with David Letterman. It’s all good. Johnny would look hot in polka dots, right?

Johnny seems like an actor who likes acting but isn’t all that crazy about celebrity. Yet he takes it in stride when necessary, waving at the crowd as he makes his way in the theater. Check out the gallery: Johnny even smiles at one point!


Photos by Girlie/GG/FAMEFLYNET




  1. Lola says

    Asside from the ridiculous outfits, all the cheap, tacky and try hard looking rings, necklaces, scarfs/bandanas, watch chains, etc. he always looks like he smells bad.