PAULA DEEN Loses Some Deals, Keeps Others (UPDATED)

Paula Deen gets emotional during an appearance on NBC's 'Today' show

Paula Deen’s tearful appearance on the ‘Today’ show doesn’t seem to have stemmed the tide like she probably hoped it would. The embattled former Food Network star lost two big deals yesterday. Caesars Entertainment announced it would rebrand the Paula Deen restaurants in Las Vegas. Wal-Mart announced they would not be ordering anything else from Paula’s lines.

Yet some smaller companies are standing by her. Paula’s people released two statements of support to the media from nine companies: Tasty Blends Foods, Landies Candies, Springer Mountain Farms, Sandridge Food Co., 450ID, Harvest NA, IQ Craft, Epicurean Butter, and Club Marketing Services. People still seem to be pretty evenly split over whether they support Paula or not. I’m curious to see how Paula’s going to end up.

UPDATE: Diabetes drug manufacturer Novo Nordisk, Target, and Home Depot have all ended their business relationships with Paula Deen, according to NBC News.


Photos by WENN