VANESSA LACHEY How Father’s Day Turned Into Date Night With Nick Lachey

Semi-Exclusive... Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo Leave Their Anniversary Dinner

Nick Lachey may currently be touring with his old boy group, 90 Degrees, but wife Vanessa Lachey still made sure his first Father’s Day was special. Vanessa shared what they did that day- including explaining how Father’s Day turned into date night.

“That morning I surprised him with a boat ride around Manhattan, and we just had lunch on the boat. It was me, him and [Camden]. He did the show that evening, and then that night we had a date night. Honestly, without sounding super cheesy, it was kind of the perfect mix — just being well-rounded and having work — his love — and his family — his other love — and then having ‘us’ time.

“I think people sometimes get lost in their kids and they may have forgotten what got them there in the first place, which is their relationship.”

Vanessa’s got a great point!