Demi Lovato Gives Aspiring Singer Tips in the 2013 ACUVUE 1-DAY Contest (Sponsored)


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When ACUVUE offered aspiring teens the chance to win a day with a celebrity mentor, thousands submitted videos to show off their chops. One shy girl named Jessie became the winner of the ACUVUE 1-DAY Contest and got the once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet Demi Lovato and learn some of her star secrets.

Check out this video below to see as Jessie transforms from an everyday teen girl to a full-on rockstar! With some help from Demi, Jessie got a few makeover touches to help her grow some confidence on stage and overcome her fear of performing in front of an audience. Also, Demi has a sweet surprise at the end for Jessie.

Thanks to ACUVUE and with a little help from Demi Lovato, Jessie was able to get the confidence boost she needed to pursue her dreams of becoming a singer. Jessie’s not the only ACUVUE 1-DAY Contest winner – keep an eye out for more videos from the ACUVUE 1-DAY Contest here.