MILEY CYRUS Wowing The Crowd At ‘Mackapoolooza’

Miley Cyrus & Calvin Harris Perform At 'Mackapoolooza' In Miami

Miley Cyrus looks like she was genuinely enjoying herself up on stage at ‘Mackapoolooza’ in Miami! You can tell the crowd enjoyed watching her perform. Miley’s clearly ready to take the music world by storm. I predict a BIG tour for summer 2014 for Miley.

Are you glad to see Miley return to music? From a career perspective, I think it’s smart for her to stay diversified. Miley had some high performing movies, but her last two movies (‘So Undercover’ and ‘LOL’) didn’t get any attention upon release. Were they even released into theaters? Anyway, careers in the entertainment industry can cool off on a dime, so I think the more projects an entertainer has out there, the more likely they are to have career longevity. What do you think?