Is She A Terror To Work With?

Natalie Portman Out And About In Los Angeles

It looks like America’s sweetheart might not be what we think she is! According to a hot new rumor, Natalie Portman is apparently a terror to work with on set, making everyone’s jobs harder than what they should be. Who would have thought that Natalie was a diva, right? Here’s the goss:

“So many actors backed out of the movie, and she’s taking it out on everyone… first it was Michael Fassbender, then Jude Law and finally Bradley Cooper – and Natalie took that personally.”

And it seems Natalie is taking it out on everyone else.

“She is such a micromanager and has no qualms about dressing someone down and humiliating them… she’s made people cry and never apologizes. She tells everyone how to do their job: the lighting guy, the sound guy and the director. It’s crazy!”

Yikes! What do you guys think? Is Natalie really a stuck-up actress or is this just one crazy rumor?


Photos via FameFlynet

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