Celebrity Blind Item: Who’s Keeping Quite A Stash At Home?

celebrity blind item

This celeb sounds like she’s worried about banks collapsing or maybe she owes the IRS (or someone else) a lot of money. Here’s the goss:

This former A list singer is now probably a B- when it comes to singing, but has other things that are keeping her close to A list celebrity status. If you ever need a buck, you could probably look in her house where she keeps close to a million dollars. In cash. Oh, and a few hundred thousand in gold too. As she says, no one can seize cash if they don’t know about it.

Someone should tell the singer about how gold is losing value fast. Hopefully she has amazing security! Any guesses?

– Item from Crazy Days and Nights




  1. K says

    Hahah you’re kidding right? Gold is losing its value?!? So if our economy completely collapses, people are going to value PAPER money, over real gold?!? Hahahahhahahahahah. Oh the stupidity. Aren’t you tired of posting about all these idiots? I’m tired of reading it.