KERRY WASHINGTON Vanity Fair Cover Girl


I just saw “Django Unchained” for the first time during an inflight movie and let me tell you, I automatically became a HUGE Kerry Washington fan! I mean, the woman is everything: talented, gorgeous, and of course incredibly intelligent. The hot Hollywood actress opens up to Vanity Fair where she talks about her role on ABC’s “Scandal.” Here’s a highlight:

Washington assures Kamp that she is not Olivia Pope and says she is not as smart as the character she plays: “I have to learn things to be her all the time.” Her actor’s prep includes some student-like cramming—for example, reading Jeffrey Toobin’s The Nine to better understand Supreme Court machinations—and regularphone conferences with Judy Smith, the real-life D.C. crisis-management expert upon whom Olivia is loosely based.

The only child of two Bronx-based professionals, Washington had a socially conscious upbringing. She tells Kamp that at 13 she was taken to Yankee Stadium to see the newly freed Nelson Mandela speak, and upon turning 18, she recalled, “my becoming a voting citizen was celebrated the way other people would celebrate a Sweet 16. My parents took me out to dinner, and we talked about who I was going to vote for.” She also says that she took up swimming as a child because her parents told her it was the one sport in which proficiency might mean the ability to save a life.


Photos via WENN