Do Celebrity Girlfriends Help Star Athlete’s Performances?

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With the surprise announcement that Kerry Washington secretly married NFL player Nnamdi Asomugha,’s article seems more relevant than ever! The people at looked at the relationship between celebrity girlfriends and athlete’s performance.They looked at 108 celeb/athelete pairings dating back from the mid-1990’s to the present.

Top 10 Celebrities Most Beneficial to Athletic Performance:

  • Jessica James (#1)
  • Mandy Moore (#2)
  • Monica Arnold (#3)
  • Mandy Grace Capristo (#4)
  • Jessica Simpson (#5)
  • Kim Kardashian (#6)
  • Aida Yespica (#7)
  • Irina Shayak (#8)
  • Amber Rose {#9)
  • Bipashu Basu (#10)

Head on over to to read more, including the Top 10 Celebs Most Detrimental to Athletic Performance and Best Relationship based on sport (NFL, Tennis, etc). They also give you their opinion about whether or not celebs help or hurt athletes overall, and they even explain their methodology. Interesting article!