GEORGE CLOONEY: What Was The Real Reason Why He And Stacy Kiebler Broke Up?

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To be honest with you, I kind of knew this was going to happen sooner or later. George Clooney doesn’t seem like the type of man who wants to settle down with anyone for the long run and he and Stacy Kiebler haven’t been seen together in months. Now, sources are saying the real reason these two called off their relationship is because they haven’t had sex in four months. Here’s what we’re reading:

George Clooney’s split from Stacy Keibler after two years of dating didn’t exactly come out of nowhere. The couple had been on the rocks for months and had even been going through a bit of a dry spell, sexually speaking, before the breakup, a source reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly, on stands Friday.

“They hadn’t had sex in months,” the source tells Us. “He’s been in Europe, and she’s in L.A., and they haven’t seen each other in a long time. Some girls would be okay with that and just be happy dating George, but not her.”

“She knew he wasn’t looking to get married,” another insider says. “But there was always that fantasy that he would commit. Sadly, it just ran its course.”

Hmmm… I’m sure that’s not going to sit well with the next gal George decides to date, right? No one wants to feel like they are just a temporary prop, so to speak. What do you guys think?


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