LINDSAY LOHAN Hot New Trailer: ‘The Canyons’

lindsay lohan in the canyons

Lindsay Lohan’s latest movie, ‘The Canyons,’ has a new trailer out. This trailer certainly looks better than the last one! However, I’m looking at this, and I just… don’t know. The production values look like they were, well, low budget. The film seems to be about kids making sex tapes. I’m guessing Lindsay’s character and her friends are making sex tapes and selling them as pornography.

I guess I’m just trying to figure out what the actual story is. Does Lindsay’s character feel conflicted about the whole thing? But she does it anyway? I need more info, although I suspect this is one movie I probably wouldn’t make it out to see, I’m afraid. ‘The Canyons’ doesn’t look like ‘Boogie Nights.’ What do you think?