JON HAMM Not ‘Personally Affected’ By Justin Bieber

Exclusive... Jon Hamm Leaves His Hotel In Atlanta

Jon Hamm might think that Justin Bieber should know better, but he’s not losing any sleep over it.  Justin Bieber was photographed earlier this week in the Chicago Blackhawks dressing room with the Stanley Cup. Unfortunately, Bieber was seen stepping on the logo in the carpet while getting his picture taken, which is something you absolutely shouldn’t do!

When asked about Bieber being photographed touching the cup by ESPN, Hamm replied,

 “I’m not personally affected by anything Justin Bieber does.”

“But, well, he stepped on the logo—that was bad news,”

“He’s Canadian! He should know these things!” 

Well I have to agree with Jon, I mean, even I know you’re not supposed to walk on the logo!  Justin just keeps going with this behaviour. I sure hope he outgrows it soon enough!


Photos by FameFlynet