Celebrity Blind Item: Is This The Strangest Celeb Hookup Ever?

celebrity blind item

Read all of this. The reveal is what makes it stand out! Here’s the item itself (from last March):

This could go down as one of the stranger hookups of all time. They are both good looking, but just two totally different people. It is not really blind worthy except for the fact that some people believe the A list mostly movie actor with A+ name recognition is still with his cheating girlfriend. So, technically if that were true, then he cheated on her with this B list celebrity/reality star with her own show from time to time and a ton of money from an ex. I’m trying to picture in my mind how this went down. She probably killed him. She likes to bring out the paddles.

Any guesses? Make some and then check out the reveal. OMG!

– Item from Crazy Days and Nights