EMMA ROBERTS Opens Up About Love, Her Boyfriend, And Making Mistakes


Emma Roberts is one of the few Hollywood actresses out there that I really admire because she seems to be really well grounded and intelligent and that’s why I still can’t wrap my head over the fact that she got into a physical scuffle with her boyfriend earlier this week. But then again we all make mistakes, right? Emma opens up about exactly that in the new issue of Nylon Magazine. Here are some highlights of what she says:

On love: “I’ve been with people in the past who lie about what they’re doing or whom they’re with, and you always find out about it. […] I’ve grown up in a business where we’re taught to think that relationships don’t last, and that people are supposed to be married a bunch of times. But I come from the school of getting married once. Every relationship should be important. Everyone kind of rolls their eyes at me, but I still believe in the romantic movie outcome.”

On making mistakes:“I can’t say I’m never going to mess up, but if I do, I’ll definitely be very sorry.”

On meeting her boyfriend Evan Peters:“We first met at a dinner party, and then we worked together on a movie [Adult World], which we did not date during. We didn’t get along, actually–he wouldn’t speak to me. But it turned out that we both liked each other, so months later, we started dating, which worked out for the best.”

On her public image: “I mean, I’m sure everyone can say this, but a lot of people perceive me differently from how I actually am.”


Photos via Nylon Magazine