KANYE WEST Suspect In Felony Attempted Robbery Investigation

Kanye West Tussles With A Photographer At LAX

Kanye West may be about to learn that money can’t buy you out of everything. Kim Kardashian’s baby daddy has been named as a suspect in a felony attempted robbery investigation by the police. This is the result of Kanye’s tussle with a paparazzo, which is pictured here. Apparently Kanye was attempting to take the paparazzo’s camera after the paparazzo kept asking, “Can’t we speak to you, Kanye? Why can’t we speak to you?”

This follows Kanye’s dictate that paparazzi are NOT to speak to him. Kanye got angry about all the questions, and the pictures show what ensued. After the rapper hopped in a car and was driven off, an ambulance was called for the paparazzo, who was taken to the hospital. Police determined he did sustain injuries that appear to be a result of the scuffle. Robbery is a more serious charge, and since Kanye was attempting to take the  guy’s camera, that’s what police investigators are recommending the LA County DA charge him with. TMZ has video of the incident. What amazes me is Kanye’s attitude: it’s like he has no sense of the idea that HE is responsible for his own actions, accusing the paparazzo of trying to “get me into trouble so I’ll have to pay you $250,000.” SMH.


Photos by Vasquez/FAMEFLYNET




  1. dholmas says

    He is such an idiot. I hope they do book him on a felony. Would him right with his attitude.