ANNE HATHAWAY & Adam Shulman Step Out For Lunch

Exclusive... Anne Hathaway & Adam Shulman Out For Lunch In Hollywood

Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman enjoyed a low-key Saturday afternoon. The couple had lunch at Cafe Gratitude in Hollywood. It’s a vegan restaurant that focuses on serving healthy food that is organic and vegan. I wonder if Anne and Adam participate in the “clearing” process? According to the Cafe Gratitude website, it’s practiced by the staff. Here’s a little bit about their philosophy and practices:

Cafe Gratitude does business through a practice we call “Sacred Commerce.” We view our restaurants as environments to not only serve healthy food, but also training grounds to practice seeing our lives from a perspective of gratitude. We believe that we are the source of our experience in life, not the circumstances. We train our staff to practice putting their attention on the outcome they wish to create for themselves, whether it is work related or personal…

Cafe Gratitude has a practice we call “Clearing.” Each day after our team members arrive at work and have punched in for the day they sit down with another co-worker and engage in a brief “clearing” process. This entails two questions. The first question is geared toward personal reflection… The second question is something affirming that supports being present. For example, “What are you grateful for?” To complete the process each person acknowledges one another, and the experience is often one of deeper connection and appreciation.

I bet this creates a wonderful energy for the diners to appreciate! Anne and Adam must be fans.