AMANDA BYNES Has Been Hospitalized On A 5150 Hold

Amanda Bynes

Things don’t seem to be getting any better for troubled young actress Amanda Bynes, but hopefully this will be the start of getting her the help she needs.  According to TMZ Amanda has been admitted to a psychiatric hospital against her will and placed on a 5150 hold. According to the website ‘A 5150 hold is an involuntary hospitalization for mental evaluation. Amanda can only be held for 72 hours though.’

If you remember a 5150 hold is what Britney Spears was placed under when she underwent her breakdown in 2008.

The reason for the hold is because Amanda apparently set a fire in the driveway of a random house in Thousand Oaks, CA last night that also burned some of Amanda’s clothes.

This is so scary and clearly Amanda needs psychiatric help. It’s almost like we’re seeing Britney’s melt down happen all over again.  Hopefully this is the beginning of her getting the help she needs.


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