KIRSTIE ALLEY Ready To Take On The Paparazzi!


According to Kirstie Alley, she’s so fed up with the paparazzi following celebs everywhere, that she says she’ll applaud anyone who takes a swing at them. Yikes!

Kirstie recently Tweeted that during his altercation with the paparazzi, Kanye West should have taken a good swing at them. She saidI love that Kanye went all whack on that asshat Paparazzi… too bad he didn’t whip his ass with his hat!’ GO KANYE!!

Hmm.. is violence really the answer here, Kirstie? What do you guys think? I’m sure there are other alternatives to keeping the paparazzi at bay.


Photos via FameFlynet




  1. Robocop says

    Typical reaction from this ignorant low-life! Meanwhile, she’d give anything to have just one photographer even look in her direction

  2. libraesque says

    Here she goes again, getting tubby, she looks like she’s gained about 30 lbs since DWTS. Agree with robocop, she’s an ignorant low-life, very uncouth. And doesn’t she know the only thing hitting a pap is gonna do is seperate you from your money DUMMY!