AMANDA BYNES Parents Will Seek Conservatorship

What Is Amanda Bynes Smoking In New York?

It really is eerie how much Amanda Bynes current situation is mirroring Britney Spears public breakdown in 2008.  After being placed on a 5150 hold in a psych hospital we’re now learning that Amanda Bynes’s parents, Rick and Lynn Bynes will seek conservatorship over the troubled actress. is reporting that Rick and Lynn are headed to court to attempt to gain conservatorship over their daughter because they fear for her safety.  Her recent attempt at lighting herself on fire in a random woman’s driveway is only the last event in a string of erratic behaviour.

According to RadarOnline, in order for her parents to gain conservatorship, under California law “the proposed conservator must show that the conservatee is is unable to care for themselves, and is a danger to others.” 

After this recent incident with the gasoline and setting fire to that woman’s driveway, I think that there’s a good chance they can succeed showing that she’s a danger to others. Hopefully her parents can gain control and get her the help she needs before it’s too late.