EVA LONGORIA House Hunting With Her New Love Already?

Eva Longoria & Ernesto Arguello House Hunting In West HollywoodWell, things certainly seem to be moving quickly for actress Eva Longoria and her new love Ernesto Arguello, don’t you think?  The actress and her boyfriend were spotted out house hunting in West Hollywood today. Do you think they might be getting ready to move in together already?  That would be pretty quick if that was the case.

Eva has been doing her best to downplay rumours that she and George Clooney might have had a thing going on while he was still with Stacey Kiebler, or that he at least pursed her romantically.  Both Eva and George have released statements to the contrary but in Hollywood you never know! Maybe that’s why she’s so eager to move on with a new love?






  1. Robocop says

    I thought this guy was in hock for $4 million??!! Oh, that’s right, Eva will be paying the bills! Chica seems a bit desperate — just can’t be without a man!!