JENNIFER GARNER Still Battling The Baby Bump Rumours

Exclusive... Is Jennifer Garner Hiding A Baby Bump?!

Is that a baby bump we see? Rumours began circulating that Jennifer Garner was pregnant with baby #4 after she declined to drink alcohol at Jimmy Kimmel’s wedding, and claimed that she wasn’t feeling well.  Of course in Hollywood that means you must be pregnant, right?  Well it does mean that her choice of outfits will be scrutinized by everyone looking for the slightest hint at a baby bump!

Jen stepped out today with her daughters Violet and Seraphina, and she wore a loose fitting sweater over a loose fitting skirt (or it could possibly have been a dress) fuelling the speculation that baby #4 must be on board.  I don’t know – it just looks to me like her skirt or dress is bunched up under the sweater.  Although in the pictures with Seraphina it definitely looks like there could be a baby bump. What do you think?