SELENA GOMEZ Celebrated 21 With A Shot Of Jack Daniels!

The 2013 ESPY Awards in LA

Turning 21 is definitely a milestone, even for celebrities, and Selena Gomez reveals how she celebrated her milestone birthday just a few days ago when she sat down with Jay Leno on the set of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.   Selena told the talk show host that she celebrated her 21st with a “shot of Jack Daniels whiskey”.   When asked by Jay how many shots she imbibed, she responded  “I don’t remember”  with a laugh!

Yup, that sounds about right for a 21st birthday celebration:) Although I’m sure that wasn’t Selena’s first drink, there’s something about having that first legal drink that’s super fun! Selena also revealed that her birthday partying wasn’t over and that there’s more fun to come, explaining,  “I’ll have a birthday party this weekend it’s going to be kind of a gypsy theme, I’m excited.  We’re gonna have skirts and tattoos and belly dancers. It’ll be so fun.”

And something tells me there’ll be more JD too!