BETHENNY FRANKEL Did WHAT To Her Ex While He Was Sleeping?


Now this is just crazy! According to new court documents, Bethenny Frankel once poured water on her soon-to-be ex-husband Jason Hoppy in order to wake him up and said some pretty harsh things to him while in front of their daughter, Bryn. Yikes! Here’s what we’re reading:

According to the insider, Jason accuses Bethenny of storming into his room while he was sleeping on March 15. “She threw water on him to wake him and yelled that she ‘has more money than God,’” says the insider who’s read court papers, “while Bryn was sleeping in the next room.” He also says she’s called him “white trash” in front of Bryn.

Jason claims that Bethenny is too focused on her career and unable to give her full attention to their daughter, Bryn. “His court papers say that when Bethenny’s team was watching her, Bryn locked herself in a bathroom on set. Firemen had to break down the door — Bryn wound up crying hysterically in a corner,” the insider tells In Touch.

To be honest with you, I don’t believe this. Bethenny seems like she is quite frugal with her money and doesn’t seem like the type that would shout it out to the world about how much money she has in her bank account. I might be alone in this, but I really think that this whole divorce is just a publicity sham. Some of these claims just seem to out of character to seem true. Plus, if you hated someone so much, why would you still live with them? The last I checked both Bethenny and Jason are still living in their same apartment.


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  1. TVannie says

    I think Bethenny and Jason are getting a divorce and are living in the same apartment because if you move out, it appears as though you are “giving” the home to your spouse. The apt is probably valuable and neither wants to give it to the other. As far as throwing water on Jason, it sounds stupid but maybe Bethenny thinks this is one way to drive him away from the home, without assaulting him.