DOUGLAS BOOTH Dishes On Splitting His Pants While Playing Romeo

0813-GQ-FAPP03.01Have you seen the new trailer for the upcoming Romeo and Juliet movie starring Douglas Booth as Romeo and Hailee Steinfeld as Juliet?  I’ve added it at the bottom of this post because you have to watch it – it looks so good!  Douglas Booth sat down with GQ Magazine and in addition to looking really great modelling clothes for fall he dished on playing one half of the most tragic love story in history, including his constant wardrobe malfunctions.  Here’s a sampling of his interview;

On the iconic role of Romeo:

It’s really intimidating but it’s exciting and it’s an honor. I tried to forget about playing “Romeo” in “Romeo and Juliet” and just think about him as a normal guy, as a normal character, and just try and approach him the same I would every other character.

 On his first impression of “Romeo & Juliet” in high school:

When you’re forced to watch something in school, you never really enjoy it, you sort of rebel against it in a certain way. Actually coming to this just in my own time, it was actually so easy to fall in love with. You just realize how incredible this writing is and what a beautiful story it is.

On his wardrobe malfunction during the shooting of Romeo & Juliet:

I swear I split my pants a million times down the crotch when I was fencing. The poor costume girls had to spend many an hour, fixing up my crotch.

On upcoming roles in Darren Aronofsky’s biblical epic, “Noah,” and the sci-fi flick, “Jupiter Rising”:

At the end of last year, I finished Darren Aronofsky’s next film, “Noah”. It was an amazing job; it’s going to be an epic and Darren is such a talented filmmaker. I just finished “Jupiter Rising” – the Wachowskis, they’re directing it. This is their return to sort of more “Matrix”-y fare, a cross between “Star Wars” and “The Matrix.”

On his key to success:

I just want to be challenged, I want to keep challenging myself and I’d love to have another challenge as big as playing Boy George [in 2010’s “Worried About the Boy”]—whether or not it’s changing yourself physically like that or just pushing yourself to a certain extreme. I get bored quite easily so I like to keep my mind entertained by challenging myself.

You can read more of Douglas’s interview in the August issue of GQ.


photo—credit Matthew Brookes / GQ