MILEY CYRUS Opens Up About Her Newfound Fashion Girl Status

Miley Cyrus Leaving Her London Hotel

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been so many years since we first fell in love with Miley Cyrus back when she was a Disney cutie, right? Well these days we are seeing a whole different looking Miley as she’s one of the raciest celebrities out there! The chart topper opens up to  Harper’s Bazaar about how she’s become a fashion idol and being the current “it” girl too. Here’s what we’re reading:

On her newfound fashion girl status: “It’s kind of just been like an organic thing. As I take more control of my life, people are following that, and I think people are inspired and enjoy seeing someone taking control of what they know that they like. And I think people are wanting to see more of that right now. Are wanting to see someone with a real clear vision of what they are.”

On her fashion idols: “I’ve been obsessed with the Olsen twins since I was five. I’ve seen every movie literally, you can ask me like any movie, and they actually did like a school of fashion when they were like 10 or 11.”

On her 2010 Bazaar spread: “That’s my simple life, yet I have 350 extensions in my hair. It wasn’t real. None of it was ever real. That was not growing out of my head.”

Her Marc Jacobs dress at Met Gala: “That’s one of my favorites. And Marc Jacobs killed it. Literally, I didn’t even try anything else on. He had brought so many dresses for me, and that was it. It was perfect. For me, I felt like I had to do real punk because the night was kind of made for me. I walked in, and like Kate Uptonwas standing, the first person that I saw, and she wasn’t punk at all. She looked beautiful but wasn’t punk. And [I’m like] ‘Am I the girl at the wrong party right now?’”

What’s in her bag? “I have my grill in here. I don’t know how Harper’s that is. I got three. This is my chic one. ‘Cause it only has the top. And here’s my plain gold. This is when I’m trying to be chill, trying to blend in.”


Photos via FameFlynet