BETHENNY FRANKEL: She Did WHAT To Her Former Assistant?

Bethenny Frankel did what to her assistant?

It seems like the rumors just won’t stop about Bethenny Frankel these days? After hearing about how cruel she might or might not have been to her ex Jason Hoppy while he was sleeping, there are new rumors flying that Bethenny isn’t the easiest celeb to work with in the biz. Here’s what we’re reading:

“Marilyn quit after less than a month because Bethenny was so mean to her,” a source said. “Marilyn has a lot of experience working with celebrities and complained she had ‘never been treated this badly.’

“They have been interviewing other assistants, who had to sign nondisclosure agreements and were told not to talk to Bethenny unless she talks to them first. They have interviewed more than 40 people, but she doesn’t like anybody.”

With everything that we’re hearing about Bethenny these days, I really don’t know what’s true and what’s false anymore. Here’s hoping that she can still manage being successful and maintaining some sense of self while she continues to move upward in the entertainment world. I know a lot of her fans are counting on her!


Photos via FameFlynet