JESSICA BIEL Hanging Out With Her Gal Pals

Jessica Biel Shopping At The Farmers Market

Jennifer Garner wasn’t the only celeb at the Brentwood Farmer’s Market yesterday! Jessica Biel was there as well. She checked out the produce with some friends, as you can see in the gallery. I don’t know if Jessica and Jennifer encountered each other. If they did, then there aren’t any pictures.

I was watching a show on either the Food Network or Cooking Channel (I want to say it was ‘Unique Eats’ or something like that), and they identified the Farmer’s Market in Brentwood as a place for a good dish (don’t remember the dish). They also said it was popular among celebs. I completely believe that! It seems like every week we see pictures of celebs hanging out there. So if you’re in LA and want to do some celeb sight-seeing, the Brentwood Farmer’s Market needs to go to the top of your list.