NATALIE PORTMAN Out And About With Aleph

Exclusive... Natalie Portman Takes Bejamin To a Rec Center

Look who’s getting big!  Oscar winner Natalie Portman was out and about in LA today with son Aleph and he’s definitely getting big.  Natalie was taking Aleph to a rec centre while they were out and the little guy looked like he was enjoying his sippy cup:) I wonder if Natalie has him in a class where she can drop him off and enjoy a bit of mom time?

OK, and don’t hate me for saying this – but doesn’t it look like there might be a tiny baby bump happening in a few of those pictures?  It absolutely could just be the big baggy shirt that she’s wearing, but there are a few shots where it looks like there might be a bump that the shirt is clinging to. Of course in the other pictures you can’t see it at all so maybe it’s just me. I guess time will tell:)


photos by FAMEFLYNET