Shooting on location in Hollywood for the new film 'Imagine'

Looks like it’s back to work for actress Jennifer Garner!  Jen has been so busy lately on mom duty that I didn’t realize she had a new movie that she was filming.  Jen was spotted on the set of ‘Imagine’ today along with co-star Annette Bening and it looks like she was getting a bit caffeinated before starting work.

In the movie Jen has to wear a prosthetic belly because her character is pregnant, and in real life there have been some rumours circulating that she might be expecting baby #4.  I guess there’s no better time to get pregnant than when you’re filming a movie where your character is pregnant!  I’m not so sure I believe the rumours, I think Jen just might prefer her clothes a bit baggy!  Time will tell.


Photos by Cousart/JFXimages/