MILEY CYRUS The Singer Takes Her Pup For A Stroll

Exclusive... Miley Cyrus Takes Her Dog For A Walk

Miley Cyrus was enjoying a break from her crazy promotional schedule today as she was spotted taking her pup out for a walk.  Miley was sipping on a Robeks smoothie while singing along to her iPod while getting in a bit of exercise.  Miley looked like she tried to play it low key by wearing a black hoodie pulled up to try to camouflage her face, but those paps can spot her anywhere!

Miley is raising some eyebrows again after making a bit of a controversial statement to The Sun about smoking weed. She said;

“When I smoke, I don’t get the sick feeling I get when I drink, or that anger rising up. There’s a reason Bob Marley was like some kind of musical Rasta Mother Teresa!” 

Oh Miley.  She’s going to grow out of this phase too, right?