MARK WAHLBERG Did He Just Throw Some Shade At Johnny Depp?

Mark Wahlberg Visits ITV Studios

Dang, it seems like Mark Wahlberg is throwing shade all over the place these days! This time around it’s at Johnny Depp and his unfortunate failure with his big budget Disney film, “The Lone Ranger.” Mark puts in his two cents as to why the film might have flopped at the box office and this is what he says:

“First and foremost, the media is targeting all these movies. There’s intense scrutiny on us, way more than before. They are spending so much money to pull the wool over the audience’s eyes with these effects-driven movies. It’s not like Jurassic Park, where you saw something groundbreaking and innovative and said ‘Holy … I gotta see that. Every end-of-the-Earth movie kind of feels the same.’ They’re spending $250 million for two dudes on a horse? Where’s the money going?”

Marky Mark is sure full of snark lately, isn’t he? LOL. Still, I can’t help but like this very vocal Mark. He is who he is and he doesn’t put up with BS. Now all I can’t help but wonder is what Johnny Depp has to say about this?


Photos via FameFlynet