ALEX PETTYFER AND RILEY KEOUGH Is The Former Couple Back Together Again?

The Butler Premieres in LA

I think I forgot that Alex Pettyfer and Riley Keough were once engaged, but they had broken it off within a year.  Maybe I never even knew they were engaged, but it doesn’t matter now because it seems like they’re back together!  So much for those rumours of her hooking up with Robert  Pattinson! Or maybe it was the Twi-hards who drove her away!

US Weekly is reporting that Riley and Alex were spotted at the premiere of Alex’s new movie, The Butlerand that they were holding hands.   The magazine quotes sources as saying the couple were holding hands and that they came together.  Well, they look like they’d be a cute couple, so I hope it works out for them this time around!


Photos by Juan Rico/Diane Cohen/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES




  1. dee dee says

    Twi-hards deadly hate for her.. has Scientology leaders crying out. . PULL back, Riley, We order you.. retreat, dump the sparkly Rob.. ReTREAT!