LINDSAY LOHAN The Actress Lands Her First Post Rehab Acting Job!

Lindsay Lohan Steps Out In NYC

Things are looking up for Lindsay Lohan!  Not only has the troubled actress been brought under the great Oprah Winfrey’s wing by being signed to her own reality show, but she’s just landed her first real post-rehab acting gig!

E! Online is reporting that Lilo has been working on the set of the hit HBO show Eastbound and Down saying;

A source tells us that Lohan plays the daughter of one of the show’s main characters and was filming a wedding scene set many years in the future. And yes, she was the bride!

Good for Lindsay.  First she’s getting advice from Ben Affleck and now she gets to work with Danny McBride.  I, for one, really hope she takes these chances and doesn’t screw them up!  After all, she did say she was her own worst enemy!


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