SELENA GOMEZ Turns Up The Heat During Her Stars Dance Tour

Selena Gomez Performs In Vancouver

Selena Gomez is back on the road!  The singer and actress was in Vancouver last night to perform her ‘Stars Dance‘ concert tour and her concert style has definitely changed from the last time she was on the road.

I can see at least five costume changes and a lot more skin showing than the last time the singer toured.  Which makes sense now that she’s no longer a teenager.  Selena looked gorgeous in every outfit that she wore, and seemed that the show had a more grown up, edgier vibe to it. I saw Selena the last time she toured when I took my daughter to go see her, and I wasn’t that impressed.  I think it might have been that it was her first tour, so I’m sure that the production value on this one is much better.