JESSICA ALBA Talks About Her ‘Muffin Top’

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If there was one thing that I’ve read today that has made me laugh out loud it was Jessica Alba discussing her muffin top!  According to Just Jared, the actress gave an interview with Women’s Health Magazine and in the article she shares a bunch of her ‘honest’ recipes.  She then goes on to discuss her work out regimen and her ‘flaws’ saying;

On her flaws: “I have a brutally short attention span. It means I’m useless at working out. I get so bored. I have cellulite and stretch marks – and I have a muffin top!”

Um, first I have to hear about Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘significant problem areas’ and now Jessica Alba is complaining about her ‘muffin top’!  I give up! Honestly, I’ve seen many pictures of Jessica Alba in a bikini – you’d be hard pressed to find any muffin top there!