VANESSA HUDGENS Was There Once Trouble In Paradise With Austin Butler?

Exclusive... Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler Out For Lunch In Studio City

The Frozen Ground‘ star Vanessa Hudgens looks like she was having a relaxed afternoon with boyfriend Austin Butler. According to Crazy Days and Nights, however, Vanessa suspected Austin wasn’t being faithful. Vanessa and Austin were revealed in this blind item from back in March:

This B- list mostly movie actress who would be a C lister if not for her A list name recognition is taking a pass on doing some press for her movie because she suspected her C+ list mostly television actor boyfriend has been cheating on her and yelled at the actress she felt was responsible. Well, there was also a punch or two thrown and some yanking at extensions. So, she is attending to “personal issues” while the rest of the stars do some work.

Oh boy. Wasn’t Vanessa promoting ‘Spring Breakers‘ last spring? It seems like she was there for all of the premieres and such. IF this formerly blind item is true, then perhaps Vanessa didn’t do as many interviews as her co-stars.


Photos by Martin/FAMEFLYNET