Celebrity Blind Item Which A-List Actress Has Overdose Drug Video?

celebrity blind item

Radar Online is getting into the blind item business! Well, I’m not sure they are, but I guess this one was so explosive, the only real option was to take out the actress’ name. Here are some excerpts:

A world-famous actress has had a secret video recording of her suffering a terrifying drug and booze overdose presented in a court as part of her bitter child custody case..

Radar has chosen not to identity the superstar caught on camera — other than she is a middle-aged Hollywood figure who has won major international awards for her on-screen work.

But this website can report that a disgruntled former assistant of the actress — she is one of the most recognizable faces to appear on the silver screen and has starred in dozens of films — provided the cell phone video to the woman’s estranged partner.

He subsequently used it in support of his bid to strip her of custodial rights of their children.

The case is currently before a judge and remains under court seal.

Both parties involved are purportedly prevented from discussing it publicly.

According to well-placed sources, the ex-colleague of the top star told court that she had overdosed on a potentially lethal cocktail of Xanax, Vicodin and Ambien, which she knocked back with up to eight bottles of top-shelf Dom Pérignon champagne.

However, in response to the charges, the actress denied it was an overdose: She insisted that she suffered a seizure brought on by the stress of the custody fight, one insider revealed.

OMG! I keep trying to think: which “superstar” is involved in a custody battle and has currently lost custody of her kids?  Any names come to mind?

– Item from Radar Online