JAMES MARSDEN “I’m Just A Big Goofy Nerd”

James Marsden on the cover of OUT

According to James Marsden, while he might look like a runway model, he feels like one big goofy nerd instead (but don’t we all?!). The hot Hollywood actor is on the cover of Out Magazine this month where he opens up about his good looks, his career and of course, what’s ahead for him. Here are some highlights:

Marsden on being good-looking: “I know I have a face like a model. But I’m actually just a goofy drama nerd underneath. I’m actually less comfortable being the smoldering hot guy. I’d rather play a goofball or a rube than a steamy leading-man role,” he insists. “I’ve never been that guy — I was a skinny loner in high school.”

Doing comedic roles: “I think the key to comedy — and I learned this on the set of Enchanted and Hairspray — is that the audience needs to feel like everyone is having fun,” he says. “It’s so obvious to me and the audience when an actor is having a miserable time doing a movie.”

On John F. Kennedy: “His speeches were like poetry,” he says before slipping into a pitch-perfect impression, quoting Kennedy’s famed civil rights address of 1963. “The fires of frustration and discord are burning in every city, north and south.”

Marsden’s main career plan: “Not to sell out.” This means, as he puts it, “no sh-tty horror movies for big paychecks” and turning down long-term offers on not-to-be-named police procedural shows with silly dialogue and stilted acting. “I never set out to make a bad movie,” he explains. “Some movies just turn out bad, and I want to scream, ‘Why did you pick that take?!’ Then there are some movies that I’ve been in that I was sure people would laugh at, that have become huge. I thought The Notebook was going to be a schmaltzy Movie of the Week–type thing, and here we are!” he says, laughing.


Photos via FameFlynet