JENNIFER ANISTON “My Body Ain’t What It Used To Be”!

'We're The Millers' Berlin Premiere

Jennifer Aniston played a stripper in her new movie We’re The Millers and she’s been pretty candid about how she amped up her fitness regiment to bare almost all in the flick.  In an interview with Now Magazine the actress reveals how she likes to stay in shape, but that even for her, it’s a bit harder now that she’s older’

‘I like to run first thing in the morning – 20 minutes to an hour is ideal,’ says Jen, 44.

‘It’s easy to get addicted to the euphoric feeling of having a good sweat after a run. It wakes up your body.

‘I really noticed the difference, getting older. My body ain’t what it used to be!

‘I also love yoga. It helps me to feel balanced and strong inside.’

You know I’d much rather read a celebrity tell me how hard they work out to get their body than listen to people like Jessica Alba complain about their non-existent muffin top!  Jen looks amazing and you can tell she works very hard to stay so fit.   And I can totally relate to what she means about it getting harder to stay in shape as you get older!