LADY GAGA Releases Her New Video For ‘Applause’ (VIDEO)

Lady Gaga Visits Z100 Radio Station

It was a pretty busy weekend for Lady Gaga!  The singer engaged in a full on war of words with former friend and blogger Perez Hilton on twitter, where Gaga accused Hilton of ‘stalking’ her by looking to purchase an apartment in the same building where she lives.  It’s actually been quite a crazy argument with both sides calling each other out on twitter.

Lady Gaga’s new video for her latest single, Applause, was released today too.  I’m not sure if it’s a coincidence that her video is  released just a day after all of this happened but I think it’s only going to increase the viewership of her video now that everyone is talking about her, right?

The singer debuted her new video this  morning on Good Morning America and like most things Gaga I’m not sure what’s going on, but that song sure is catchy!  Check out the video below.  Attached are pictures of Lady Gaga in NYC this morning.