ALI LOHAN The Model Steps Out In NYC

Ali Lohan Steps Out In New York City

Wow, if the photo agency hadn’t labelled these pictures as Ali Lohan I would have had no idea who this was! Honestly, don’t you think she looks completely different now? I know that Ali has grown up a lot but she really looks different.

The aspiring model was spotted heading to a pharmacy in NYC today looking cute and casual in an oversized sweatshirt and super short shorts with her hair tied back casually.  I wonder if she’s been able to see big sis Lindsay since she’s been out of rehab?  I know a lot has been said about Ali’s slender frame but I think she looks pretty good here. Of course maybe the sweatshirt is hiding how thin she really is but I think she looks pretty good. What do you think?






  1. GST says

    She sees Lindsay a lot. There are some pics of her with Lindsay from Sunday. Ali lives in the city now and Lindsay may be staying with her. In this pic she looks a little like Anne Hathaway but the model agencies she with have said she’s like a chameleon because she can photograph like different people. Guess so. I don’t think she’s too thin, she’s a model and I’ve seen much thinner. But I wouldn’t say she’s “aspiring”. She’s modeled 2 years now and has a good amount of work and shoots done, including Elle Korea. She just doesn’t publicize them.