LEANN RIMES Back From Her Cabo Getaway

Leann Rimes at the hair salon

And here we have Leann Rimes and she’s NOT in a bikini. I know, shocking, right? LOL. Actually, the country crooner was spotted hitting up the hair salon while she was out and about in Los Angeles, Calif. on Wednesday afternoon.

Leann just spent the past week in Cabo with her husband Eddie Cibrian and a few friends as they were celebrating a friend’s birthday. It’s funny how Leann totally doesn’t want to get her picture taken while heading to the salon but once she’s finished she’s all smiles for the camera. LOL. Celebrities! They just do the funniest things, haha. But then again when you are always in the spotlight, image is everything. Check out the photos below!


Photos via FameFlynet




  1. sam says

    Spotted implies that the papparazzi just so happened to stumble upon Leann. Since this photo was taken by the same agency that was in Cabo with her(the photos of her, Eddie, and her assistant standing on the private hotel balcony), this salon photo was staged. She set it up, she even wore the same scarf(different color) that Brandi has been spotted wearing. In the press release for the reality show on VH1, she said something about how she was being hounded by the papparazzi. That should be a clue that she is acting like she is upset about getting her photo taken(you know that it’s strange when these photos are being taken by the same people who got photos of Leann, Eddie, and Leann’s assistant on their private balcony…the only way for them to get photos of celebs on their private balconies is for celebs to invite them), probably trying to get work this into her show. I wish people weren’t afraid to call Leann out on being so phony.

    Not just any friends, when she tweets about her friends she is talking about 2 of the women Brandi hung out with while married to Eddie. Sounds like Leann wants Brandi’s life, her husband, her children, her friends, her clothing, even Brandi’s tweets.

  2. sam says

    Leann has a deal with FameFlynet to take photos of her, she once invited them to take photos of Eddie and her at his son’s soccer game(to celebrate her and Eddie’s 2nd anniversary), but she gave them the wrong time.

    LeAnn Rimes called the paparazzi for a photo op, but she gave them the wrong time(April 23, 2011): This is how Fame/Flynet had these pics tagged: “Singer LeAnn Rimes and husband Eddie Cibrian seen taking his son Jake to a soccer game only to realize they showed up at the wrong time, so the happy family immediately left in Los Angeles, California on April 22, 2012.” Think about that. LeAnn and Eddie get the times wrong – that’s easy enough. I regularly get times wrong. It happens. But how were the paparazzi there, at the soccer game, at the wrong time to photograph LeAnn and Eddie? Not only does this prove that LeAnn regularly calls the paps, but that she also gives them the wrong time and they still show up to photograph her. Not to mention this: she calls the paps when she knows she’s going to be playing the “doting step-mother” at one of the boys’ soccer games. She actively engages with getting her stepsons photographed by the paparazzi.”——CB