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Exclusive... Liam Hemsworth Stops By A Friends House

Audiences may not have turned out in droves to see Liam Hemsworth in his new movie, ‘Paranoia,’ but in that movie he plays a tech guy. If Liam had been dressed like THIS for more of the movie, I bet the turnout would’ve been higher- LOL. Check out those guns! Liam looks bulkier than he does for ‘The Hunger Games‘ movies, too (which makes sense since his character is fighting off starvation in those films).

I wonder if Liam is adding muscle for a specific role? If so, I say he needs to get more roles like these! Something tells me Miley Cyrus would agree  ;-). Well, I guess she’d agree if all the rumors about them going through a rough patch aren’t true.


Photos by Martin/FAMEFLYNET

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