ALEC BALDWIN Gets In A Scuffle With The Paparazzi

New Dad Alec Baldwin Grabs Food To Go

Things got physical for Alec Baldwin and a paparazzi today in NYC.  According to TMZ both Alec and his wife Hilaria were out walking when they were approached by a paparazzi looking to take their picture. Hilaria ducked into a local tea store to avoid the pap and Alec called the police. I guess Alec must have come out of the store because apparently he grabbed the photog.

TMZ spoke to the pap who said “All I can say is I was doing my job asking him normal questions and he flipped. That’s all.” although a source close to Baldwin claims that the paparazzi was the agressor.

The police did arrive on the scene but both Alec and the photographer have agreed to not press any charges.  I can absolutely believe that the paparazzi was aggressive and that Alec would be protective of his wife.  She just a baby a few days ago! I wonder if the baby was with them? Either way I think that photographers should be able to take their pictures but there’s no need to get so close and speak to the celebrities if they don’t want to be bothered. Thoughts?