LEANN RIMES Catching A Flight Out Of Town

Leann Rimes catching a flight out of town.

If there’s one thing that Leann Rimes loves to do, it’s go on vacation. And while she’s not on vacation, she’s on Twitter. And if she’s not on Twitter, she’s in a bikini. LOL. Just sayin’!

Actually, the former chart topper was spotted getting ready to catch a flight out of town with her husband Eddie Cibrian at LAX airport in Los Angeles, Calif. on Wednesday afternoon. Leann just celebrated her 31st birthday so I’m guessing that these two are going somewhere special together. I swear, this woman has the life. She just got back from yet another vacation in Cabo, too. Geez girl, you need a break from all of these vacations you are taking. It looks like hard work! LOL.


Photos via FameFlynet




  1. sam says

    Leann doesn’t have the life, why do you think she is parading around airports in a shirt made by the friend of one of Brandi’s ex friends? Leann wants Brandi’s life. The trip to Cabo was for Eddie’s mistress’s birthday, it wasn’t a special trip for Leann and Eddie. The woman who is wearing the black and white shirt in these photos was also in Cabo too. This trip was to DC for Martin L King Anniversary, Leann and Eddie are getting an image overhaul. They need to make them likeable so that people will watch the reality tv show. When she isn’t tweeting she is copying Brandi. When she isn’t copying Brandi she is setting up staged photo-ops.