PATRICK DEMPSEY He Wants Grey’s Anatomy To Go On Forever

Patrick Dempsey Visits "Good Morning America"

I don’t think anyone is going to argue with his one here, especially if you are a HUGE Grey’s Anatomy fan. According to the show’s star, Patrick Dempsey, he wouldn’t mind if the show went on forever. I can concur!

Patrick – who plays Dr Derek Shepherd – and other cast members are negotiating new contracts for a potential 11th season just as the tenth is to begin on television.

“We’re talking – we’ll see what happens,” he told TVLine. “Everything is open to a conversation at this point. Grey’s has been such a remarkable ride.”

Dempsey also claimed that he enjoys Grey’s “more than ever” after a decade on the show, which also stars Ellen Pompeo. He said, “Our relationships have grown considerably [and] we’ve all matured over the last ten years,” he said. “So it would be a shame to end this.”


Photos via FameFlynet